Salon Management University

MBA: Master your Beauty Affair

Be Educated. Be Empowered.

Education is power. We provide ample learning opportunities to owners, managers and employees to teach to better manage each
aspect of their 
salon business. Salon-U offers two curriculums: Personal Financial Planning Education and Salon Management

Personal Financial Planning Education

Salon-U’s two-day program includes the following. We educate and help the owner, the manager and employees to become financial literate, learn how to save, learn how to become financially frugal and secure. 

Personal Financial Education Program covers:

Risk Management & Insurance
Investment Retirement Planning
Budgeting, Saving, Banking and Cash Flow Management
Tax, Debt and Credit
Homeownership Planning

Salon Management Education
Salon Management Education is a powerful two-day seminar design to help salon owners, manager and prospective owners to understand and apply the core strategies behind the salon business.

Benefit of the Program 
You will be able to: Access the knowledge base you need to grow your business. 
Learn the success secret of others and leaders in the industry

Tip and strategies to manage you business and develop professionally Manage yourself, your personal life and you business income
Word-of-mouth is business: Create an effortless referral marketing system. Bedazzle customer and keep them coming back 

What Will be Covered
M.B.A Seminar - Managing Your Beauty Affair”: Salon University seminars are high-level
industry practical learning experience presented by high 
caliber figures and nationally acclaimed
speakers in the industry. 

This two-day seminar focuses on how the keys of professional salon business management: 

Planning and Managing Your Business Goals Selling your Professionalism and Managing Customer Satisfaction
Recruiting and Managing your Employees/Staff/Partners
Marketing, Advertising and Facing the Trends and the Competition in the Digital Age
Managing Your Facility, Products, Supplies and Suppliers/Vendors/Providers Relation
Making and Keeping Money: Managing your Business Finance and Personal Wealth
Managing your Time, Business and Personal Life
Physic and Mental Energy: Empowering Yourself to Avoid Burn-outs
Managing Growth: Diversifying You Business Opportunities

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